Pure Life Natural Wellness for pets

Pure Life Natural Boost range is a new range of super premium pet food packed with high-quality, local ingredients and made right here in Australia. Because at Pure Life, we believe our furry friends thrive when their whole wellbeing and happiness are looked after.

Pure Life benefits

What makes Pure Life different?

Pure Life Natural Boost Complete Meal

Australia’s first complete meal

Uniquely crafted Natural Boost range combines freeze dried 100% real meat with high protein kibble to provide the essential all-round nutrition.

Freeze drying retains nutritional value better than other drying methods as it preserves all the flavours, colours and nutrients.

High protein quality kibble puts any dogs health and nutrition on a firm foundation with added superfoods and extra protein complimented with freeze dried salmon or chicken pieces.

Pure Life For dogs and puppies

Pure Life Puppy Chicken 1.8kg
Pure Life Puppy Chicken 8kg
Pure Life Dog Chicken 1.8kg
Pure Life Dog Chicken 8kg
Pure Life Dog Salmon 1.8kg
Pure Life Dog Salmon 8kg

Pure Life for cats and kittens

Pure Life Kitten Chicken 1.5kg
Pure Life Kitten Chicken 6kg
Pure Life Cat Chicken 1.5kg
Pure Life Cat Chicken 6kg
Pure Life Cat Salmon 1.5kg
Pure Life Cat Salmon 6kg

What is freeze dried and how does it work?

Pure Life - What is freeze dried and how does it work?


Fresh or cooked foods are flash frozen, then placed in a vacuum chamber.


About 98% of the food’s moisture is drawn off by evaporating the ice, at temperatures as low as -10ºC.


The food retains its original fresh flavour, aroma and nutrients.


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Our Super Foods

Pure Life - Ingredients

Blueberry: Contains antioxidants, fiber and vitamins C & K, supporting the immune system.

Kelp: Natural source of essential minerals, especially iodine.

Spinach, Kale & Alfalfa: Source of Beta carotene & lutein, natural antioxidant, for strong immune function.

Tomato: Source of lycopene, natural antioxidant, for strong immune function.

Carrot: Source of Beta carotene a precursor to Vitamin A essential for healthy vision, hormones & protein synthesis.

Faba Beans, Chickpeas , Peas & Potatoes: Energy & fibre for digestive health.

Beet Pulp: High fibre source encouraging healthy digestion & firm stools.

Cranberry: Rich in antioxidants supports the immune system & helps reduce inflammation.

Flax Seed Oil & Emu Oils: High levels of linolenic acid – Omega 3 fatty acids with anti-inflammatory properties for healthy joints and skin & coat, a strong immune system and reproductive function.

Chicory & Yucca: Helps reduce odour of stools.

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