A highly nutritional, quality snack that’s as close to raw as you can get!

The Lickables™ 1 Bites are straightforward – 1 simplified ingredient from 1 protein source that is 100% natural.

Available in four mouthwatering varieties Roo, Beef, Lamb, & Ocean. Offering your pets a choice of flavour to suit any dog’s palate.

Lickables™ 1 Bites are available in re-sealable packaging, making them convenient and easy to store whilst keeping the snacks at optimum freshness.

Lickables™ are cold dehydrated to lock in nutrition and retain over 70% of the protein levels of the meat.


Lickables™1 BEEF Bites

Comprised of 100% Beef, this snack is high in protein to help dogs and puppies develop healthy muscles and & bones.  When we say 100% Beef – we mean it!  There are no by-products, offal, fillers or additives.

Nutritional Information:
Protein – 75.80%
Fat – 10.20%
Salt – 1.40%
Crude Fibre – <0.1%
Energy – 1,475kj/100g

Lickables™1 LAMB Bites

100% Lamb with no additives or preservatives, which ensures that your furry friend is receiving a  snack that is nutritionally sound.   Lamb is rich in energy which will keep your pet playing for hours.  Lickables™ 1 come in re-sealable packaging which provides the convenience of being easy to store while keeping the snacks fresh with that tail wagging aroma your dog will love!

Nutritional Information:
Protein – 59.60%
Fat – 19.90%
Salt – 2%
Crude Fibre – <0.1%
Energy – 2,610kj/100g


Lickables™1 ROO Bites

With only 1 ingredient,  Kangaroo meat, Lickables™ 1 is as close to raw feeding with the added convenience of dealing with a dried and packaged snack.  Kangaroo meat is extremely low in salt, making it a lickerrific choice for your furry friend.  These cold dehydrated snacks retain maximum nutrition and stays fresh without the need to store them in the fridge.

Nutritional Information:
Protein – 85.60%
Fat – 2.7%
Salt – 0.5%
Crude Fibre – <0.1%
Energy – 1350kj/100g