Alfalfa King

Alfalfa King Double Compressed Hay

The Alfalfa King hay range is grown in Central and Western Nevada, U.S.A. The high altitude and arid climate is perfect for growing and harvesting hay. The Alfalfa King range provides double compressed natural food sources for small animals. Each hay is known for it’s beautiful colour, sweet flavour and aromatic fragrance. Alfalfa King offers small animals quality, fit for a king.

Alfalfa King

Alfalfa Hay

An ideal natural food treat that is leafy green, sweet and flavoursome. Packed with protein and calcium.

Alfalfa King Oat Wheat Barley

Oat, Wheat & Barley Hay

Ideal for alternating with Timothy Hay for variety. This soft, immature, three grain blend is full of healthy seeds and fibre.

Alfalfa King Timothy Hay

Timothy Hay

A deliciously sweet and attractive emerald green leafy hay with a robust aroma. Great for everyday feeding.

Pet retailers available to order

Alfalfa King